Editorial Policy and Submission Instructions

The Scientia Review publishes exemplary non-fiction prose written by high school students, including essays in science and natural history, research papers, review articles, and book and film reviews. Content of The Scientia Review changes quarterly, and submissions are welcome.

  • Submissions may be the work of one or more authors and may be essays, nature writing, review articles, book and film reviews, and research papers. The Scientia Review also welcomes papers and essays submitted to national contests such as the Dupont Challenge Science Essay Contest, Siemens Competition, and Young Epidemiology Scholars Competition.

  • Submissions must be written in standard English, with correct grammar and usage, 10 or 12 point font, and standard margins.

  • Careful documentation is required for submissions that rely on any previously published sources for words, ideas, or information. Citations and literature cited should follow APA style.

  • Submissions are reviewed for content and style by an editorial board. Additional revision and editing may be requested before publication.

  • Publication is quarterly; submissions are then placed permanently in the electronic archives.

  • Authors wishing to submit original e-books for publication in The Scientia Review should contact the editor for additional information about appropriate topics.

  • Submissions should be sent as Word attachments to jsumner@wpi.edu .