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Art Forgeries and Their DetectionMegan McHugh, Grace DiFrancesco, Joseph Gencarelli, and Cai Debenham
MetallurgyDerek Bain and Jeffrey Copeland
A Golden AppealChristian DiMare and Susmitha Saripalli
Ancient Astronaut Theory as a PseudoscienceAnish Athalye
The Myth of Creation ScienceDhroova Aiylam
Pseudoseances: How Seances Measure Up to Occam`s RazorDivya Satishchandra
The Time Cube: Absolute Proof?Aaron Hammond
The Spirit of Ma`at: Fact or Fiction?Daniel Huang
Great Minds Think AlikeAnn Ming Samborski
Homeopathic AssumptionsRyan Thibodeau
Limitless Cold Fusion EnergyOsi Van Dessel
Cutting to the Truth; Applying Occam`s Razor to Roswell`s AliensTony Trakadas
The Bermuda Triangle--A Pseudoscience?Rohit Satishchandra
The Pseudoscience of Flat EarthJay McCowan
Astrology vs, RealityThomas Devlin
Engineering a Stronger NailJohn deRivera
Ocaam`s Razor and the Bermuda TriangleDennis Giaya
The Effect of Ace-K on D. melanogasterDaniel Huang
The Gray Water Recycling ToiletJulia Knowles
Liters of Light: Engineering a New Soda Bottle LightRachel Maillet
Recycled Water: The Construction of an Eco-Friendly Water FilterNora Murphy
An Investigation of the mRNA Expression of Transcript p35Rebecca Stolarczyk
Applying Mobile Technologies to Medical Health Information of SchoolsAnn Ming Samborski
Computer Synthesis of Jazz ImprovisationDhroova Aiylam
Heat Sensing Adaptive Window Shade SystemsDennis Giaya
Designing an Inexpensive Control System for Autonomous VehiclesOsi Van Dessel
A Study on Food Preference in DrosophilaJeeva Jacob
Delphis: A Robot Method for the Detection of Naval MinesAaron Hammond
Brace Yourself: Redesigning the Charleston Back BraceIngrid Marko
The Effects of Pheromone Concentration on the Alarm Response of Pogonomyrmex barbatusDylan Martin
Data Center Energy Efficiency: Power vs. PerformanceAnish Dhesikan
Linking Cataracts to Cancer: The Diagnosis of a Novel Oncoprotein to Predict Premature Basal-like Breast CancerGreg Konar
Combating Alzeimer`s: A Study of the Effects of Neurotrophic FactorsNikitha Das
Miniature Robotic Hand for Bomb DisposalRocco DiVerdi
The ALC Foot: A Prosthetic Solution for Children in Developing CountriesThomas Heale
The Effect of L-phenylalanine Methyl Ester on theKienan Mooney
The Effect of Taurine on the Learning Ability of theMeredith Rioux
Powering Mobile Technologies through FootstepsNaveen Senthilkumar
Body Articulatory Music CompositionDouglas Adam Smith
The Effects of Fatty Acids on Drosophila melanogaster with Limited Sit Still Gene ActivityAnnabel Consilvio
Think Inside the Box: Ultraviolet Radiation to Clean a LunchboxLeah Morales
STEMPunk Fall 2013Multiple
STEMPunk Winter 2013/2014Multiple
Engineering a Novel CDH1 Fluorescent Reporter Construct to Evaluate Epithelial Cell DifferentiationGregory Konar
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