Research Projects

All students at the Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science conduct independent research projects in science, mathematics, or engineering during the junior year. These projects culminate in research papers, which include a review of the pertinent literature in the field. Several research projects are selected for presentation at regional, state, and international science fairs; you can read the papers here.

Using Asclepias syriaca seed fibers to Prevent Oil Spills from Two-Stroke Outboard MotorsColleen Castellani
The Effect of pH on Bandages Dyed with a Halochromic PigmentAllison Coomber
The Allelopathic Effects of Celastrus orbiculatus and Fallopia japonicaChandler Friend
How Much Is Too Much: The Effects of Bisphenol A on the Regeneration Rate of Girardia trigrinaAishwarya Kaki
Base 1.5: Analysis of Properties and Relation to the Collatz ConjectureJesse Michel
Effects of Curcumin and Piperine on Embryological Development in Danio rerioAishwarrya Arivudainambi
Way Over Whey: The Effects of Acid Whey on the EnvironmentAlyse Gonthier
The Cytotoxic Effect of Borrelia burgdorferiAyush Kumar
A Silver Bullet for Superbugs: Antimicrobial Effects of SilverKristen Behrakis
Early Diagnosis of Herpesviridae Viral InfectionXiayue Wang
Water You Doing: Developing a Debris-Resistant Hydrokinetic Turbine Shadi Bavar
Engineering a Stronger Type of SailclothDarienne DeWalt
Ear Reading Real Time Text-to-Audio Utilizing Google GlassAlexander Dejeu
The Fault in Our Sea Stars: Analyzing Sea Star Wasting DiseaseJacqueline Forson
Linking GPCRs to Type II Diabetes: Novel ADORA2B Model Utilizing AR2A Multi-Sequence TemplatesSashrika Saini
Nuts to 9-1-1: The Use Activated Emergency Alert System for the EpiPenKatherine Schweikert
The Effects of Taurine on Memory Retention in Dugesia dorotocephalaMariam Dogar
Single-Track Gray Codes: An Efficiently Decodable Maximal Period General ConstructionGeorgie Botev