Essential Science and Technology

Certain scientific discoveries and advances have fueled global shifts in technology. In these essays, students describe some of these essential areas of science and technology.

Back on TrackSidhharth Annaldasula
The Steam Engine: Powering the FutureAlex Bilzerian
How the Printing Press Revolutionized HumanityMarcus Brunelle
The Miracle of SightDamini Chelladurai
Fermentation: The Natural SolutionStephanie Chin
Delivering Dreams during DisastersAkshayaa Chittibabu
Time: The Basis of Societal StructureAllison Coomber
The Internet: Easier to Surf than the OceanPeter DelMastro
Growing to Love GMO FoodEdridge D`Souza
The Bright Idea That Changed EverythingAlyse Gonthier
An Asronomical AchievementNatasha Honchcharik
On the Importance of the Expansive InternetCole Jeznach
Incredible ImmunizationAlisha Lokhande
Helping Haber Have His HeydayNathaniel Mahowald
Wind-works: Powering the FutureAshwin Panda
Origin of All TechnologyChuta Sano
Genetics: Connecting GenerationsEvan Solomonides
The Click Heard Round the WorldBryan Werth
The Height of CuriosityAjey Pandey
Transistors: The Basis of Modern LifeJesse Michel
The Introduction of Modern ComputingMatthew LeBlanc
The Abilities of AnalgesiaLuke Rausch
Making the World Go `RoundJuliana West
The Magic Behind MedicineKacper Puczydlowski
Refrigeration: It`s What Makes Science CoolGabriel Cain