Children`s Science Books

Exploring the World of ClayLinda Xu and Kathleen Ross
Camera Lucida and Camera ObscuraRicher Leung and Amy Lynn Rockwood
The Preservation and Restoration of ArtNicholas Donnelly, Adan Rivas, and Ryan Nutile
Patterns in NaturePaul Harrington and Juliana Kew
The Art of GlassworkChris Starbard and Becca Church
Geometry Adventures: Tesselations and MosaicsAnna Brill and George Slavin
The Art and Science of Ancient EgyptZachary King and Ashleigh Panagiatou
Painting by Number: The Fibonacci Sequence in ArtCurtis Belmonte and Conor Pappas
Medicine in ArtRam Nambi and Luke Dery
Technology in Ancient RomeAaron Hammon and Thomas Devlin
What Goes UpJulia Knowles and Divya Satishchandra
Body ArmorDeidre DiLiddo and Emma Hewett
CarsDennis Giaya and Arjun Tanguturi
BridgesBarry Biletch, Rachel Maillet, and Naveena Shanmugam
GlassesSierra Harris and Michael Andrews
Electronic GamesPatrick Aoude and Aniket Lachyankar
Fire: Hot Tips for SafetyJay McCowan, Jacob Grotton, and Nora Murphy
In Time: The Invention of the ClockAnn Ming Samborski, Katherine McDonough, and Amanda Stevens
Everything About AirplanesIngrid Marko and John deRivera
Bicycles and MotorcyclesJohn Dymek, Alex Lee, and Derek Wegener
The Music BoxRebecca Stolarczyk, Osi Van Dessel, and Abigail Yu
RocketsGeorge Han and Rohit Satishchandra
Strings of SplendorCameron Root and Jeeva Jacob
Dive In: SubmarinesEric Williams and Tony Trakadas
The Evolution of FlightDhroova Aiylam and Anish Athalye
Unique WeaponsAdam Carrier, Ryan Thibodeau, and Daniel Huang
Dynamite and Other ExplosivesRyan Fletcher and Angelica Heeney
The Unibquitin System: A Search for the Signficance of the Isoleucine-44 ResidueChristopher Chiang
Oh! The Places We`ll Go!Cole Hamel, Ryan Smolenski, Timothy Vander Hart
Rain Forests of the SeaMadeline Martin and Meredith Rioux
Recreational RoboticsHimanshu Dedge and Nick Henning
Deep Sea AdventuresLeah Morales, Rachael Meyers, and Naveen Senthilkumar
Exploring DinosaursAnnabel Consilvio, Nikitha Das, Connor Palatucci
Dinosaur BehaviorLeighton Moylan and Olivia Silva
WhalesEmily Hildick and Kienan Mooney
Exploring Outer SpacePeri Michael and Steven Piselli
The Great Barrier ReefDaniella Morico, Sebastien Deveau, and Jackie Perkins
Life in SpaceAnish Dhesikan, Abhimanyu Gupta, and Christopher Chiang
RadioactivityThomas Heale and Benjamin MacDonald
Real World RobotsNick Gigliotti and Tucker Martin
RadioactivityRocco DiVerdi and Dylan Martin
Tablet ComputingJohn Long and Lambert Wang
The Modern HumanAndrew McAfee, Joseph Mielinski, and Shivangi Pandey
Velociraptors!Kat Law, Lipee Vora, and Tyler Jaskoviak
Whale of a TailNayana Thimmiah, Erin LaBounty, and Samantha LaFontaine
Coral ReefsJackie Loven and Shushruma Ekbote
Human Evolution and GeneticsMelody Spencer and Gregory Konar
Modern PhysicsJoe Campo and Adam Smith