Dupont Challenge Essays

The expository science essays featured in this section have won awards in the Dupont Challenge Science Essay Competition, an annual contest sponsored by the Dupont Office of Education and designed to increase science literacy and communication skills among high school students.

Letís Grow a Hamburger: Synthetic Biology and the Quest for FoodNathan Oldakowski
A Silver BulletKristin Behrakis
Regulating the Food ChainJackie Forson
The Robotic Vehicle RevolutionAna Khovanskaya
Anti-Antibiotic Resistant BacteriaSathya Anisetti
How Paranoia About Vitamin D Decreases Public HealthDari DeWalt
A Shore Solution to the Water CrisisSarah Depatie
Greener Planes and Greener PlainsFang Han
The Benefits of Promoting Healthy Living to Limit the Spread of DiseaseJagath Jai Kumar